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Preferring the attested Arwennak to the unattested (and indeed impossible) Aberfal/Aberfala is yet another example of the way in which so much of the revived language is a conlang.
I am thinking of such common but unattested toponyms as:

Pow Frynk for Frynk
Alban (in Lhuyd only and clearly based on the Welsh literary form yr Alban) for Scotlond (BK); the Welsh themselves say Sgotland.
Pow Sows, Bros Sows invented by Nance, for Pow an Sowson in Lhuyd's vocabulary in AB.
Iwerdhon invented by Nance, when Lhuyd has Uordhyn and Tonkin Worthen.

Because a form has been in use does not, in my view, give it legitimacy. 
Kernewek is unattested and historically unjustified, having been invented by R. Williams. The correct form should have ow or û.


On 28 Apr 2014, at 12:40, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> However, the Signage Panel agreed that <Arwennek> was more historically valid, but wanted to continue using <Aberfal> which they felt to be well established after half a century or more of use.

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