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Thereby hangs the problem.  When such an invention has been in place for half a century or more, you are simply not going to get revivalists to give it up, and that covers UC/UCR users as well as KK users.

I tried, Nicholas - believe me, I tried………  In the end, I was lucky to get the slight amendment to the invention!


On 2014 Ebr 28, at 13:19, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> Preferring the attested Arwennak to the unattested (and indeed impossible) Aberfal/Aberfala is yet another example of the way in which so much of the revived language is a conlang.
> I am thinking of such common but unattested toponyms as:
> Pow Frynk for Frynk
> Alban (in Lhuyd only and clearly based on the Welsh literary form yr Alban) for Scotlond (BK); the Welsh themselves say Sgotland.
> Pow Sows, Bros Sows invented by Nance, for Pow an Sowson in Lhuyd's vocabulary in AB.
> Iwerdhon invented by Nance, when Lhuyd has Uordhyn and Tonkin Worthen.
> Because a form has been in use does not, in my view, give it legitimacy. 
> Kernewek is unattested and historically unjustified, having been invented by R. Williams. The correct form should have ow or û.
> Nicholas
> On 28 Apr 2014, at 12:40, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
>> However, the Signage Panel agreed that <Arwennek> was more historically valid, but wanted to continue using <Aberfal> which they felt to be well established after half a century or more of use.
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