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A gowetha -oll,

I have followed this thread regarding Falmouth/Arwennak with interest.

I have noted that 'aber' does not feature in traditional Cornish
place-names.    The present-day 'Aberfala' and 'Aberplym' are of course
neologisms, maybe needful ones.

However how would one properly say 'mouth of the river Fal', and 'mouth of
the River Plym' in modern Cornish?

- an ken Ken

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On 28 Apr 2014, at 13:09, Jon Mills <j.mills at email.com> wrote:

> Would it be correct to say that Arwennek is only a part or district of
present day Falmouth.

The same can be said for Baile Átha Cliath and Duibhlinn vis à vis Dublin.

> If so, it might be better to use Falmeth for the whole of present day

Or Falmoth. 

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