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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Tue Apr 29 19:53:12 BST 2014

SWF's a confusing system then,and solves very little.  Surely it would be far easier to learners and readers if the long vowel was I and the short one Y throughout.


On 2014 Ebr 29, at 19:37, Philip Newton wrote:

> On 29 April 2014 20:25, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org> wrote:
>> Y in SWF is already short
> That’s not my understanding; Y in monosyllabic words followed by a
> single consonant is nearly always long, as in the bÿs words (e.g. bys,
> pyth, prys, dydh, gwydh, pryv).
> (There are exceptions, of course, typically in unstressed words such
> as y(th), bys ‘until’, or hy ‘her’—but my ‘I’ is long since it’s not a
> possessive adjective.)
> Similarly with stressed final syllables in words of more than one
> syllable, e.g. dohajydh, neppyth, keffrys.
> Of course, there are speakers who have a short vowel sound in such
> words, but the SWF dictionary recommends a long vowel sound.
> Both Y and I can be either long or short in the SWF.
> Cheers,
> Philip
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