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I agree that the SWF needs to be stable. However if the SWF has shortcomings it will be criticised. The SWF must then be corrected in the light of these criticisms or it will continue to be criticised. Thus the SWF can only achieve stability by being academically sound. There is no ducking the issue. Excluding academics, for political reasons, from the process of creating the SWF is counterproductive.
Ol an gwella,
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 I think that there is more value in having the SWF be stable than in having it be perfectly logical or supremely easy to learn to use. (It would be good if it were both, of course, but if I had to choose, I’d go with a standard _now_ that’s got some bits I dislike or find questionable rather than with a hypothetical perfect orthography that only got there by being successively tinkered with until all the imperfections were removed and everyone agrees that it’s a perfect fit for the language.) 
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