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It would be good to see some RLC transliterated into KS. It would present a good opportunity to test KS's fitness for representing RLC.
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Janice wheg,
There is always a good reason for publishing in whatever you wish, as it seems far from decided that anyone here is going to use KK2 (SWF) as their chosen orthography.

For RLC the best *new* orthography would seem to be KS, but I don't know how many RLC users will use it. SWF/Late seems little better for the purpose than KK was. If you prefer one of your earlier forms, then I suppose you'd continue to use those.

Agan Tavas seems to be realigning behind UC/UCR judging by the comments I've seen here, but that is only my perception.

One thing that would seem crystal clear is that if you select KK2 then that is the end of traditional Cornish. I doubt many here want that. So it would seem that almost any spelling system except KK or SWF would be suitable.


On 29 April 2014 22:04, Janice Lobb < janicelobb at gmail.com > wrote:
Eddy wheg
Please don't think I'm criticising anyone who contributes to this list - I have some of your stuff as well as Michael's and I find it all useful - I'm merely thinking wishfully. As to the Cussel, well we've got several things in the pipeline but I'm afraid we are slow workers. Is there any point in distributing publications in spellings we are no longer using? You know our historical problems with spellings as mobile as quicksands.

On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 9:08 PM, Eddie Climo < eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk > wrote:Ha, Janice!

5 years ago, I started translating and publishing in just about ALL of the historically based forms of revived Cornish; something in excess of 65 publications to date, both print and e-media, in Cornish set parallel with half a dozen other languages; 2 publications so far containing Late Cornish, with a 3rd one due out soon.

Spyrys a Gernow and Agan Tavas have dozens of publications in many flavours of authentic Cornish: books, greetings cards, CDs, cassettes. . .the list goes on and on.

Micheal has already said his piece, but he has a most impressive back list in Cornish, including many blockbuster titles. . .and the best is yet to come!

Perhaps you find little, or nothing much, that's 'interesting and entertaining' in those modest collections. If so, I'm sure we're always open to suggestions, sos. Finally, what about. . .

Cussel an Tavaz Kernûak
I'm not sure just what you all have published over the last few years, Janice (details seem to be elusive), but I'd be very interested in you sharing a list of what publications are currently available in revived Late/Modern Cornish. I'd sure like to broaden the range of what's on my Cornish bookshelf!

Dhys yn lel,

Eddie Climo
On 29 Apr 2014, at 20:15, Janice Lobb < janicelobb at gmail.com > wrote:

> Important as all these discussions are, won't it be wonderful when everyone stops writing about the language and starts writing interesting and entertaining material in it.
> Jan

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