[Spellyans] The Cornish for 'to argue'

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Fri Aug 1 10:59:51 BST 2014

To me 'to chew the fat' means 'to gossip, to talk' rather than 'to argue'.
Kescôwsel is unattested. The attested word is
kestalkya, which is attested once:

me redeth omma defry drefen agen bos vnwoys ze kestalkye 
'I have come here indeed because we are closely related to converse' BM 234-36.

The simplex talkya is attested as early as OM:

Eua prag na thuete nes rag cous orthyf ha talkye 
'Eve, why don't you come near to speak to me and to talk?' OM 149-50.

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> chew the fat.

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