[Spellyans] Dumnonia

Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Mon Dec 1 21:37:59 GMT 2014

I want to represent "Dumnonia" in Cornish, but in its historical context.  I want to avoid the current word for Devon: Dewnans (Dewnens SWF).

It's for a chapter heading:  "Kings of Dumnonia and Cornwall" in the book I'm currently writing on the origins of the Cornish people (entitled "Centre of the Arc").

The name Dumnonia fell out of use c.800 CE (AD) and, apart from Roman period sources which give U and A for the first vowel, the only spelling we have is in Bishop Aldhelm's letter to our King Gerent, c.705 CE.  In this it is spelt:  <Domnonia>.

Has anyone a suggestion?  I'm considering <Domnony>.


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