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Yes I have given this some thought.

If there was a tradition of netting wild birds in Cornwall as there is/ 
was in some other European countries the interpretation 'starlings'  
might make some sense. Otherwise I cannot envisage a situation where  
one would have under foot multiple numbers of starlings to be crushed.

I can find no record of such a practice, perhaps others can.

On 1 Kev 2014, at 11:43, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> BM is rather a gruesome play. The torturers collect three thousand  
> babies in order to kill them and use
> their blood as a salve for Constantine's skin disease:
> Nansus thym vj vgons flogh
> dywans then empour trussogh
> may hallons boys dewogys [1556]
> kepar ha porhel bo lugh
> lemen sovdoryen waryogh
> na schappya benen in beys
> Now I have 120 babies.
> Pack them off immediately to the emperor
> so that their blood can be extracted
> like a pig or calf.
> Now soldiers, take care
> that no single woman escape.
> I have no particular brief for Dr George's Gerlyver Meur of 2009.
> He does, however, in it suggest that treysy at BM 2399 is indeed the  
> plural
> of the word for starling.
> Nicholas
> On 1 Dec 2014, at 10:52, Eddie Climo <eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> A gruesomely implausible simile, that!
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