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In his 1952 English-Cornish dictionary under 'hungry' Nance gives nownek without an asterisk. 
The word does not seem to be attested. Nown 'hunger'  is not common either, being attested as
naun in OCV, once as noun in OM and twice in BK, spelt nawn and neun. Since Nance didn't know BK
he was relying on OCV and OM. 
Under 'hunger' Nance also gives ewlek without an asterisk. This word does not seem to be attested either. 
Nance also gives gwag (UC gwak) for 'hungry'. This would seem to be the default word in Cornish:

Ha pereeg e penes doganze Jorna ha doganze Noze: e ve ouga nena Gwage 'And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was then hungry' Rowe 
Gwag ove, rave gawas haunsell? 'I am hungry, shall I have breakfast?' ACB F f verso.

See Geryow Gwir for further examples.


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