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<gwag> is good for 'hungry' but what about the noun 'hunger'?

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> In his 1952 English-Cornish dictionary under 'hungry' Nance gives *nownek*
> without an asterisk.
> The word does not seem to be attested. *Nown* 'hunger'  is not common
> either, being attested as
> *naun* in OCV, once as *noun* in OM and twice in BK, spelt *nawn* and
> *neun*. Since Nance didn't know BK
> he was relying on OCV and OM.
> Under 'hunger' Nance also gives *ewlek* without an asterisk. This word
> does not seem to be attested either.
> Nance also gives *gwag* (UC *gwak*) for 'hungry'. This would seem to be
> the default word in Cornish:
> *Ha pereeg e penes doganze Jorna ha doganze Noze: e ve ouga nena Gwage*
> 'And when he had fasted forty days and forty nights, he was then hungry'
> Rowe
> *Gwag ove, rave gawas haunsell?* 'I am hungry, shall I have breakfast?'
> ACB F f verso.
> See *Geryow Gwir *for further examples.
> Nicholas
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