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The lengthening is not the real question, since we don't know whether the y in clethyow is actually long.
The question is whether <thy> [Dj] can be elided after a stressed vowel.
The answer is yes. Rowe writes: ha an Gie oyah teler an gye en Noath 'and they knew that they were naked',
where oya is for earlier wothya, e.g. A haha me a wothya 'A, haha, I knew' BM 1416.
Notice also that Tregear writes gwrythyans for gwryans 'doing, activity' three times TH 14, 25a, 34a. This is by hypercorrection,
because he knew that <thy> was often elided. 


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> Do we have more examples of this compensatory lengthening?

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