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we should not ignore Pryce and Borlase

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> "Kendereu, A. a Cousin-german" [Borlase "A Cornish-English Vocabulary"]
> "HANDERU, a cousin german" [Pryce 1790]
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>  The Cornish for ‘cousin’
> Nance for ‘cousin’ recommends *kenderow* *m*., *pl*. *kendyrewy* and
> *kenytherow* *f*., *pl*. *kenythyrewy*. The masculine singular form
> according to Nance is based on Lhuyd’s *canderu*. He cites no source for
> the feminine, nor for either of the plural forms. I have been unable to
> find Lhuyd’s *canderu*; it does not seem to be in *Archaeologia
> Britannica* nor in Lhuyd’s manuscript dictionary MS Llanstephan 84 in the
> National Library of Wales.
> The ordinary word for ‘cousin’ in Cornish, however, is *cosyn* *m*., *pl*.
> *cosyns*, which is well attested. I have collected the following examples:
> *wolcom cayphas re iouyn and yk annas me **cosyn* ‘welcome, Caiaphas and
> also my cousin Annas’PC 1687-88
> *wel thow fare syr cayfas and yk me **cosyn** annas* ‘farewell, Sir
> Caiaphas, and also my cousin Annas’ PC 1805-06
> *Wel we met, **cosyn**, forsoth ’barth in forest ow arluth* ‘Well we
> meet, cousin, indeed within the forest of my lord’ BK 40-41
> *E vannath genas, **cosyn**, du plegadow the wor ha gwrek* ‘His blessing
> go with you, cousin, a god kind to man and wife’ BK 651-53
> *Dun ahanan, **cosyn** ker, the Rosewa heb danger* ‘Let us go hence, dear
> cousin, to Rosewa without delay’ BK 1099-100
> *Gentyl **cosyn**, whethyr gost?* ‘Gentle cousin, whither art thou
> going?’ BK 1345
> *Welcum, **cosin**, by my soul! *‘Welcome, cousin, by my soul’ BK 1346
> *My duer **cosyn**, wel etak! *‘My dear cousin, well taken!’ BK 1355
> *Cosyn** whek, dun ny warbarth* ‘Sweet cousin, let us go together’ BK 1373
> *I pray you, gentyl **cosyn**, whetherward be you goyng? *‘I pray you,
> gentle cousin, where are you going?’ BK 1386-87
> *ha prag e rug dyelha ow **cosyns** heb mur awher *‘and why did he avenge
> himself on my cousins without hesitation?’ BK 1838-39
> *Lavar the’th arluth, **cosyn* ‘Tell your lord, cousin…’ BK 2112
> *Dar, ny worthebys mynrew prag e fuldrys ow **cosyns* ‘What, did
> greybeard not reply why he murdered my cousins?’ BK 2285-86
> *Ow sockors da ha’m **cosyns**, prederough a’gys tasow* ‘My worthy allies
> and my cousins, remember your forefathers’ BK 2818-19
> *Farwell, ru’m fer! ow **cosyn** whek* ‘Farewell, by my ?fair, my sweet
> cousin’ BK 2892-93
> *Ow bannath genas, **cosyn**! In gulas nef re omgyffyn* ‘My blessing with
> you, cousin. May we meet again in the kingdom of heaven’ BK 3048-49
> *Welcum, **cosyn** Chellery! *‘Welcome, cousin Childerich!’ BK 3245
> Several things are to be noticed there. First the overwhelming majority of
> the instances of *cosyn*, *cosyns* occur in BK, a text unknown to Nance.
> Secondly some of the attestations occur in English sentences. Thirdly,
> *cosyn* does not mean ‘cousin’ in the strict sense of offspring of one’s
> uncle or aunt, but is used more generally to mean ‘relative’ or ‘friend’.
> Even when we have taken those points into consideration, it remains that
> *cosyn*, *cosyns* is an attested word in Cornish for ‘cousin’. It seems
> to me preferable to use *cosyn* for ‘cousin’, rather than the elusive
> *canderu*/*kynderow* and the wholly unattested* ***kenytherow**.*
> Nicholas
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