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A Gowetha whek,

For what it might be worth--and to save me some re-typing!--here's an attached copy of the SWF Review Form that I submitted back in January 2013. Among its lengthy blethers, two of the main points I made to the Review Panel may be worth drawing attention to:

1) the SWF has not healed the schisms within the Revival; the CLP and MAGA had the chance to do so--they blew it. Instead, all it has done is to worsen the schisms, and to add yet more orthographies to the pre-existing glut of them. On the 'Trad' side of the community, we've been treated to deliberate disinformation and broken assurances.

2) Gwask an Orlewen has an extensive back-list of Cornish publications aimed at learners and younger people. These are mostly in UC and UCR, with some KS, RLC and SWF-Trad. None are in SWF-'Main' or 'Kernewek' Kemmyn, and none ever will be.

It's worth noting that:
-- with SWF-Trad marginalised, there has seemed to be no point to GanO going to the trouble and expense of producing further titles in that orthography, when MAGA and the CLP have destroyed any demand there might have been for them in Education.

-- GanO's publications will never be republished in non-historical orthographies like 'Kernewek' Kemmyn or SWF-'Main', neither during my lifetime nor during the 70 years of posthumous Intellectual Property rights after my (hopefully distant) demise.

-- if SWF-Trad were to be given equal status in Education in Cornwall, my entire back-list of publications for learners/youngsters would be made available for transcription in SWF-Trad, a process which the CLP translation service might wish to advise on. This change in status for SWF-Trad would be a simple matter of saying 'Yes'.

As an ordinary member of Agan Tavas, my personal feeling is that AT should prepare a robust rejection of what has been revealed so far about SWF Mark 2. Never mind waiting another 5 yeats, with our collective heads buried in the sand,--and just think where that, metaphorically, leaves our backsides!--let's have a firm response now.

I suggest a motion be ballotted to AT members, proposing that support for SWF-Main in AT's constiturion be suspended pending the final outcome of the Review process. Furthermore, AT should make a strong recommendation ot the Review Board that they reconsider their descriminatory approach.

Regardless of the outcome of this Review process, like so many of our fellow traditionalist Kernewegoryon, I shall carry on writing and talking in Authentic Cornish, and Gwask an Orlewen will carry on pubishing in all of the Authentic historically-based orthographies of Revived Cornish. To put that in perspective, since our start in 2010, GanO have published over 65 items in Cornish, both in print and in electronic media, using just about all of the authentic revived orthographies, and with lots of other European languages appearing alongside the Kernewek.

Dheugh yn lel,

Eddie Climo
Gwask an Orlewen

	Kernewek Gwyr yu an gwella,
	Yn pup le, tre ha pella.

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> Subject: SWF Review: forms
> A gowetha whek,
> My forms for the SWF Review have just gone off to MAGA by email, here on the last day for submissions to be made.
> I've left the detailed orthographic points to those with the expertise (and desire) to argue them. Instead, I focussed on a single issue: that the Review should grant equal status, especially in Education, to the SWF-'Trad' forms. In case anyone might wish to see what I said, my submission form B is attached below in PDF format.
> My fear is that this whole Review is a stitch up, and that the Kemmynnites have packed all the committees so as to finagle the outcome that they wish for: to ditch SWF-'Trad', and make SWF-'Main' more like Kemmyn. This is, after all, the same tired old underhandedness that they've relied on for so long now.
> However, we must continue in hope, I guess, lest our fears become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
> Oll an gwella, sos,
> Eddie Climo

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