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Somewhat off-topic, but here goes:

I am back in Kernow for my Son's wedding (until 8 Apr). Whilst here I would like to have an authentic Kernewak or Keltek nations tattoo engraved into my right upper-arm - to balance the one tattoo I have on my left upper-arm.

I am considering one of the following:

A Kernewak crest, depicting the coat of arms as per that on the Tamar bridge (bezants, miner, fisherman, chough, onen hag oll);

A map of Kernow with, perhaps, "Kernow" and "Onen Hag Oll" included;

A flag of Keltek nations, preferrably to include all Keltek/Celtic nations. If these are too numerous for use in an upper arm-sized tattoo I will happily compromise with an internationally recognised and official Celtic symbol.

Whilst being aware that this is not the behaviour expected from a 51-year-old, I am open to constructive suggestions from this learned group of Spellyans contributors; especially, to which reputable artist I should aporoach.

Whilst back "home" I would welcome the opportunity to engage with Cornish language advocates and visit some cornish-specific events. As you can tell, planning is not my forte....I should have arranged this well beforehand. I will use other, global events as my excuse in this instance.


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</div>I would have thought it wise, after all, punctuation has an integral role in clarifying meaning in written language, and children need to learn this.

After all, consider the book title,"thehobbitorthereandbackagain." Isn't it clearer when articulated with spaces, line breaks, and punctuation marks, not to mention soem well-chosen capitalisation, as in:

There and Back Again.

Eddie Climo

On 28 Mar 2014, at 18:32, Nicholas Williams <njawilliams at gmail.com> wrote:

Fine, but is it wise to have a title that depends for its sense on punctuation?
Particularly in this case, where the book is aimed at children.

On 28 Mar 2014, at 16:48, Philip Newton wrote:


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