[Spellyans] possessive adjectives in Cornish

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 12:19:01 GMT 2014

it is not correct in Cornish, nor in any other of the other Celtic languages, to stress or emphasise the possessive
adjectives, i.e. Cornish ow, dha, y, hy, agan, agas and aga.
It is therefore incorrect to say, for example, Hèn yw ow lyver 'That is my book' with the stress on ow.
The correct form is Hèn yw ow lyver vy, where the suffixed pronoun is used for emphasis.
Compare Tregear:

Mar kylla bos possibly, gas an haneth ma a virnans the vos thewortha ve, ha mar na yl bos nahene, the
blonogath ge re bo gwris, ha not ow both ve 'If it can possibly be, let this cup of death pass from me, and if it cannot be
otherwise, may your will be done, and not my will' TH 22a.


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