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meur ras dhe whei Nicholas: pur dhe les

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> it is not correct in Cornish, nor in any other of the other Celtic
> languages, to stress or emphasise the possessive
> adjectives, i.e. Cornish *ow*, *dha*, *y*, *hy*, *agan*, *agas* and *aga*.
> It is therefore incorrect to say, for example, *Hèn yw ow lyver* 'That is
> my book' with the stress on *ow*.
> The correct form is *Hèn yw ow lyver vy,* where the suffixed pronoun is
> used for emphasis.
> Compare Tregear:
> *Mar kylla bos possibly, gas an haneth ma a virnans the vos thewortha ve,
> ha mar na yl bos nahene, the*
> *blonogath ge re bo gwris, ha not ow both ve *'If it can possibly be, let
> this cup of death pass from me, and if it cannot be
> otherwise, may your will be done, and not my will' TH 22a.
> Nicholas
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