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I am not sure that one would say "stinking with a smell". There would be 
no point in that.

Surely, this is saying "stinking with a flavour". Pilot could taste the 
body at a distance, and wanted it out.

I think that <blas> means "flavour" which has both "taste" and 
"smell"... in this case, a very bad one. However, maybe it could be used 
for a good "flavour" too. As <blas> is found only once, there is 
insufficient evidence.

In the examples that have been given by Nicholas, <tastya> means 
"sampling (by mouth)" or "experiencing", and are not concerned directly 
with the senses of "taste" and "smell".

I suppose "a taste" meaning "a sample" or "short experience" would be 
<tastyans>. However, if it is a formal sample, we might say <sampel> or 
<darn dewys> ("selected portion").

In English, "a taste" also means "a preference" (nearly), as in "He has 
good taste" / "He has good preferences", <decernyans>.


Andrew J. Trim

On 11/22/2014 01:53 PM, Craig Weatherhill (via Nicholas) wrote:
> take the body of the scoundrel which is stinking with an accursed 
> stench' RD 2159-61

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