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I can see nothing wrong with the concept of stinking with a flavour.  
It is possible that the writer of RD only used 'blas' to give himself  
a rhyme. Otherwise he could have used the much more appropriate 'fler'.

On 23 Du 2014, at 12:03, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> You have a point about 'flavour, smell'. In English perfume means  
> 'pleasant smell'; the French equivalent means both 'flavour' and  
> 'pleasant smell'.
> The word sawour in Cornish seems to refer to both pleasant and  
> unpleasant odours.
> byneges yv an guel-ma pan vs sawor sur mur da ov tevos annethe y OM  
> 1739-41
> rag ny glewsyug yn nep plas sawor an par-ma bythqueth OM 1990-91
> Annotho na gymmer gloys kynthus ganso sawer poys BM 1452-53
> whecter sawer gans Ke BK 517 (stage direction)
> hebma ythew sawer wheake hag in weth Sacrifice da CW 2493-94.
> In Cornish one hears both noises and smells (see the second example  
> above for clôwes as the verb used with a smell).
> Blas in RD is usually translated 'tang'. However we translate it,  
> there is no evidence that it could mean
> 'taste, flavour' in Cornish. It is associated only with smelling,  
> not tasting. The parallels in Welsh and Breton are not evidence.
> That is why I prefer to avoid blas.
> Small typo. The procurator/prefect of Judea was Pilate.
> Nicholas
> On 23 Nov 2014, at 01:29, A. J. Trim <ajtrim at msn.com> wrote:
>> Surely, this is saying "stinking with a flavour". Pilot could taste  
>> the body at a distance, and wanted it out.
>> I think that <blas> means "flavour" which has both "taste" and  
>> "smell"... in this case, a very bad one. However, maybe it could be  
>> used for a good "flavour" too. As <blas> is found only once, there  
>> is insufficient evidence.
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