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The commonest plurals of best are bestas and bestes. There are no examples of *bestys, which one might expect
if the word had been borrowed from Middle English; cf. such plurals as battys, chettys, yettys, stockys, grappys.
The short vowel is a problem though, unless it is by analogy with all the other Latin borrowings with short vowels, 
e.g. test, post, etc.
Welsh blwyddyn has wy but Cornish has blethen with e. 


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>  may be the default word, but wouldn't it make more sense from a phonological point of view if it came from English? If it came from Latinbēstia, then long ē should have become *uɪ which then fell together with *oɪ and ultimately MC /o/, LaC /u/ (cf. MC boys 'food' (MoC boos)). We know that Welsh borrowed it from Latin since it appears there as bwyst (and thus retains earlier *uɪ as wy).

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