[Spellyans] UCR: 'password'

Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 15 08:59:33 BST 2014

A recent search in NJAW's 2006 UCR Dictionary turned up the entry:
	password. kevrȳnēr; passēr; gēr cüdh.

While these three Cornish words may seem acceptable as written in the dictionary with all the diacritics included, consider how they would look in ordinary writing with no diacritics (the recommended option in UCR):
	password. kervryner; passer; ger cudh.

While the meaning of 'ger cudh' is instantly clear to the reader, the first two look as if they should be parsed 'a secreter' and 'a passer' (whatever those might be). Their meaning might be made clearer with a hyphen: 'kevryn-er', 'pass-er', but I shall continue to use 'ger cudh/cuth' as it seems the clearest and the most naturally Cornish.

Of course, as with most, if not all, of the Cornish vocabulary in NJAW's dictionary, he give us no indication of which words and expressions are traditional, historically attested Cornish, and which are merely 'Williamsean inventions' (to calque his favourite 'Nancean' slur).

Dheugh yn lel,

Eddie Climo

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