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Without looking in a dictionary I would tend to use, off the cuff,  
'ger-tremena'. As we already have 'tremencumyas', (passport), which I  
assume was intended to be 'tremengumyas' we could in theory have  
'tremener'. Again this could be taken to mean a person who passes by.

One of the arguments perhaps for including diacritical marks at all  
times. I think for the purposes of literature or as something barked  
out by a soldier on stage, I have to agree with Eddie that 'ger cuth/ 
dh' is the best word.

On 15 Gwn 2014, at 08:59, Eddie Climo wrote:

> A recent search in NJAW's 2006 UCR Dictionary turned up the entry:
> 	password. kevrȳnēr; passēr; gēr cüdh.
> While these three Cornish words may seem acceptable as written in  
> the dictionary with all the diacritics included, consider how they  
> would look in ordinary writing with no diacritics (the recommended  
> option in UCR):
> 	password. kervryner; passer; ger cudh.
> While the meaning of 'ger cudh' is instantly clear to the reader,  
> the first two look as if they should be parsed 'a secreter' and 'a  
> passer' (whatever those might be). Their meaning might be made  
> clearer with a hyphen: 'kevryn-er', 'pass-er', but I shall continue  
> to use 'ger cudh/cuth' as it seems the clearest and the most  
> naturally Cornish.
> Of course, as with most, if not all, of the Cornish vocabulary in  
> NJAW's dictionary, he give us no indication of which words and  
> expressions are traditional, historically attested Cornish, and  
> which are merely 'Williamsean inventions' (to calque his favourite  
> 'Nancean' slur).
> Dheugh yn lel,
> Eddie Climo
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