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Evertype would like to announce the publication of the second edition of Nicholas Williams' translation of “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland” into Cornu-English, “Aventurs Alys in Pow an Anethow”. The book uses John Tenniel's classic illustrations. A page with links to Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk is available at http://www.evertype.com/books/alice-kw.html . Bookstores can order copies at a discount from the publisher.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, jowal bian a lien an flehes, a veu dyllys rag an kensa prës in 1865. Trailyansow dhe lies tavas re apperyas dhia an vledhen-na. Y feu versyon Kernowek Kebmyn Ray Edwards, Alys y’n Vro a Varthusyon, gorrys in mes gans Kesva an Taves Kernewek i’n vledhen 1994. Y fëdh darn in mes a drailyans Edwards gwelys i’n versyon-ma (mir orth folednow 26–27). Remant an lyver-ma yw screfys i’n spellys gelwys Kerowek Standard (KS) pò in Sowsnek Standard Cornish. Yma an spellyans-na ow clena yn stroth orth spellyans tradycyonal an tavas hag yth ywa fonetyk yn tien kefrës. Y fëdh gwelys awoles fatell usy KS owth ûsya sînys diacrîtek a-ugh lytherednow dhe verkya dyffransow in geryow spellys i’n kerth fordh pò dhe dhysqwedhes an sonyow a vogalednow a’s teves moy ès udn leveryans. Abàn yw KS heb dowt vëth an gwella spellyans bythqweth a veu darbarys rag an tavas dasvewys, yma va comendys obma rag oll descoryon hag oll cowsoryon a Gernowek.

Fug-hanow o Lewis Carroll. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson o hanow gwir an auctor hag ev o descajor a galcoryeth in Eglos Crist in Rësohen. Whedhel an lyver a dhalathas an 4 dëdh a vis Gortheren 1862, pàn wrug Dodgson viaj cot in scath rêvya orth Dowr Thames in Rësohen warbarth gans an Revrond Robinson Duckworth, gans Alice Liddell (deg bloodh), myrgh Dheyn Eglos Crist, Rësohen ha gans hy dyw whor, Lorina (tredhek bloodh) hag Edith (eth bloodh). Dell yw apert dhyworth an bardhonek dhyrag an whedhel y honen, an teyr myrgh a wovydnas whedhel orth Dodgson, hag ev, oll a’y anvoth i’n kensa le, a dhalathas derivas an whedhel-ma dhedhans. Yma an pymp den, esa i’n scath an dohajëdh-na, campollys yn hanter-cudhys in nebes tyleryow i’n lyver.

Mowes vian wheg o Alice Liddell ha Dodgson a’s cara hy moy ès onen vëth aral a’y whereth. Hedna yw an rêson y whrug ev henwel y lyver Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I’m trailyans vy me a sewyas Ray Edwards hag a ûsyas an form Alys rag hanow Alice Liddell. 

Pan dheuth an kensa dyllans in mes a Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, y hylly bos gwelys delînyansow John Tenniel inho. Yma an keth delînyansow dhe weles i’n trailyans-ma. Me a aswon meur ras obma dhe Michael Everson, rag ev dhe Gernowekhe an geryow Sowsnek in delînyansow Tenniel rag an dyllans-ma, ha dre rêson a’y olsettyans gorwyw kefrës. Yth esof owth aswon grassow inwedh dhe Ray Chubb, awos ev dhe redya an proflednow mar dhywysyk ragof.

Nicholas Williams
Nadelyk 2014

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a jewel of children’s literature, was first published in 1865. In that same year translations into numerous languages appeared. Ray Edwards’ version in Common Cornish, Alys y’n Vro a Varthusyon, was issued by the Cornish Language Board in 1994. A passage from that translation is incorporated into the present version (see pages 26–27). The rest of this book is in the spelling known as Kernowek Standard, or Standard Cornish (KS), which adheres as closely as possible to the traditional orthography of Cornish but which is also completely phonetic. It will be noted that KS uses diacritics to indicate phonetic differences in words spelt the same way, or to distinguish the pronunciation of vowels which can have more than one pronunciation. Since KS is without doubt the best orthography ever developed for revived Cornish, it is used here and is recommended to all learners and speakers of Cornish speakers.

Lewis Carroll was the nom de plume of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a tutor in mathematics in Christ Church, Oxford. The story of the book began on the 4th of July 1862, when Dodgson together with Rev. Robin Duckworth made a short trip in a rowing-boat with ten-year old Alice Liddell, the daughter of the Dean of Christ Church, and her two sisters Lorina (13 years old) and Edith (eight years old). As is clear from the poem at the front of the book, the three girls asked Dodgson for a story, and he, very unwillingly at first, began to recount the present story to them. There are allusive references to the five people in the rowing-boat at several points in the story.

Alice Liddell was a delightful little girl and Dodgson was more fond of her than of either of her sisters. That is why he called his book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In my translation, following the example of Ray Edwards, I have used the form Alys for the name of Alice Liddell.

When Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was first published in English, it contained illustrations by John Tenniel. These same illustrations are employed in the present Cornish edition. I am very grateful to Michael Everson for having Cornicized the English words in Tenniel’s illustrations and also for his splendid typesetting. I am also grateful to Ray Chubb for having read the proofs so carefully for me. 

Nicholas Williams
Christmas 2014
Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com/

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