[Spellyans] Lyver noweth GanO, mys Ebril: '12 Poynt a Skyans'

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This looks great, Eddie. Is this the one with our Late Cornish version in

On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 5:32 PM, Eddie Climo <eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk>

> A gothman whek,
> Lowen of deryvas dheugh bos dyllys namnygen an 3sa lyver y’gan kevres
> ‘Jooan Chei an Horr’, adermyn (del waytyaf) rak stalla Agan Tavas Degol
> Trevithick—boghes hell kyn fo, edrek a’m bus!
> *56) 12 Poynt a Skyans / Twelve Points of Wisdom. gol. E.F.Climo*
> (68ff., A5, aden vedhel. Prys shoppa comendys £6.45)
> dhe gafos adhyworth Spyryas a Gernow: shoppa at spyrys.org
> po orth: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/GwaskanOrlewen
> *‘Jowan Chy an Horth’ yu whethel gweryn da aswonys yn Kernow; defry, lyes
> huny ena a gryj bos y dhallethfos y'ga bro. Yn gwyryoneth, bytegens, ef re
> be dyscudhys yn lyes bro ha yeth yn kerghyn an norvys. Y’n lyver-ma ny a
> gyf peswar versyon an drolla a ve recordyes dres an 2,500 vledhen us
> passyes. Ottensy desedhys avel scryvennow gwary rak dyscoryon, ha’n
> testennow Sawsnek ha Kernewek settyes an yl adal y gyla.*
> *‘John of Chyanor’ is a well-known folk tale in Cornwall; indeed, many
> people there believe its origin to be in that country. However, it has
> actually been found in many countries and languages around the world. In
> this book we have four variants of the story recorded over the past 2,500
> years. Here they are adapted into play scripts for learners, with English
> and Cornish texts set parallel to each other.*
> Gans oll an gwella dhys,
> Eddie Climo
> Gwask an Orlewen
> * Scoth Kernewek Squyr—scon Ken!*
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