[Spellyans] "Winni-an-Pou"

A. J. Trim ajtrim at msn.com
Wed Aug 5 10:08:02 BST 2015

This is like "Jones the Bake ", in Welsh. How do they write that?


Andrew J. Trim

On Tue, 04-Aug-2015 16:02, Nicholas Williams wrote:
> Congratulations to John Parker for having translated A.A.Milne's 
> classic into Cornish.
> I have two questions about the title.
> 1 How do we know that the -nn- in Winni-an-Pou is not pre-occluded? 
> Why is it not to be pronounced Widni an Pou?
> 2 Kesva an Taves Kernewek doesn't mean "Committee, the Cornish 
> Language" but "the Committee of the Cornish Language," similarly 
> Cussel an Tavas Kernuak doesn't mean "Council, the Cornish Language" 
> but "the Council of the Cornish Language" and Holyer an Gof doesn't 
> mean "Holyer, the Smith" but "the Follower of the Smith". How then is 
> Winni-an-Pou the Cornish for Winnie-the-Pooh? Doesn't it more 
> naturally mean "The Winnie of the Pooh?"
> Nicholas
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