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I gather, from the "Welsh Course for Duolingo" group on Facebook, that Duolingo will be selecting the Welsh course development team within the next couple of months, and from that point the Welsh language will go into the Duolingo 'incubator' while the course is developed to its beta stage. There appear to be several extremely passionate volunteers pressing to create the Welsh course, so it could be completed in a few months. Getting this far, however, has taken many months of campaigning, correspondence and an online petition on the part of those volunteers who see the potential boon that a Welsh language course on Duolingo could bring to the prospects of the Welsh language.
Best of luck to whomever might wish to create a Cornish course (Duolingo are receptive to all expressions of interest from anyone who might wish to help develop one of their courses for them), but if this ever happens, it would be down to the Duolingo staff to select the applicants to create the course. It would be a matter of what orthography this team of volunteers selects that would get the go-ahead. If a strong contingent of Standard Cornish volunteers approached the Duolingo team first, the course could be won for Standard Cornish... If a SWF team get in first, however... You get the picture.
In a world where people have taken to the expedient and convenient method of learning languages via their smartphones, this could be critical in the fortunes of any one of the Cornish orthographies.
Best wishes,Ceri Young

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It would be nice to have Cornish available and to have at one's disposal, a lot of something to learn; as opposed to a lot of somethings that are still being discussed/debated/argued/theorised* over.
Without wishing to appear disrespectful to the learned folk driving the SWF, or whatever present form it is, with no agreed form in sight, will the Cornish language debate become the linguistic equivalent of the "Cornish question" that some/many wish would disappear altogether?
I recently lost my cousin, a Bard, who sang at my wedding so please do not discount me as a ne'er-sayer.

* not conclusive

Eddie Climo <eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
A gothmens whek,
There’s a good product available, free of charge, to help you learn a wide range of languages. Duolingo offers most of the major European languages, as well as less likely ones (Turkish, Ukrainian and Esperanto); and for Celtic language fans like us, it even has Irish!
It consists of short, ‘bite-sized’ lessons, with a range of diverse activities to hold your interest; it keeps track of your progress and will (optionally) nudge you nicely if you haven’t done your daily quota! The learning curve is quite gentle, so language ‘Power Learners’ might find it too slow, but it should be fine for many other folk.
You can run the product online (www.duolingo.com) in your preferred web browser, and read further details of the product on their site. Alternatively, you can download the free app onto a mobile device with versions available for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows.Mobile.
I’m using it to brush up my French and German, now somewhat rusty due to neglect over the years, alas, and the experience is fairly enjoyable.
Dheugh oll an gwella,
Eddie Climo
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