[Spellyans] A few questions about mixed mutation of words beginning with G

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 15:09:51 BST 2015

The so-called "mixed mutation" is anomalous. Its reflexives are sometimes the same as those of lenition.
Notice for example that Lhuyd writes:

For Avlauar, mute; yn few, alive & Ty a fyth, Thou shalt be, must be read avlavar, in vêu, tî a vŷdh AB: 227c

Bêu, Living; Yn vêu, Alive AB: 230b.

If initial <f> as a result of mixed mutation was indeed pronounced [v], this might explain the development of 
bos with possessive sense. If Te a'fyth, the second person singular of me a'm byth, was pronounced
te a vyth, the form would have been identical with te a vyth 'thou shalt be'. This is probably the origin of such forms as:

pana rewarde a vethow why 'what reward will you have?' TH 22
me a Vee owne 'I was afraid' Rowe
Hag ubba, mar pethama kibmiez tho gweel Semblanz 'And here if I will be allowed to make comparison' NBoson.


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