[Spellyans] A few questions about mixed mutation of words beginning with G

A. J. Trim ajtrim at msn.com
Sun Aug 23 16:51:22 BST 2015

So there is some evidence of A. S. D. Smith's rule in the texts, and I 
assume that words ending in <*dh*> should be included in the grammar 
books, etc. To date, the sub-rule "words ending in <*dh*>" has been omitted.

However, I am not sure what is meant by "<TOTALLY UNRELIABLE>".

I agree that there is considerable variation in the texts, and not all 
the rules were followed all of the time. For Revived Cornish, we need to 
normalise the rules -- much as we do with the spelling. It is quite 
likely that different authorities will come to different conclusions.

Is there a theory to explain why <*s*> and <*th*> / <*dh*> were treated 
differently from other letters? The evidence from the texts seems to 
indicate that they were treated differently.


Andrew J. Trim

On 23/08/15 13:52, harry hawkey wrote:
> ajtrim at msn.com wrote:
>     Again, in Soft mutation, there is no mutation of <*C*>, <*D*>,
>     <*K*>, <*P*>, <*Qu*>, <*T*> --- after nouns that end in <*s*> or
>     <*th*>.
>     However, <*B*>, <*Ch*>, <*G*>, <*M*> do mutate here.
>     This last rule appears to have been "invented" by A. S. D. Smith.
>     Do we still use this rule? Is there evidence for it in the texts?
>     What about words that end in <*dh*>? These have never been mentioned.
> After feminine/masculine pl. nouns ending in <th> or <s> followed by 
> an adjective I found:
> no examples of p-->b
> no examples of c/k-->g
> no examples of t-->d
> A few examples of d-->th/dh
>     tus tha(Tregear) X 2
>     fleghes dha(Gwavas, Ten Commandments)
> Though it looks like there are more examples of no mutation of <d> 
> than with.
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