[Spellyans] A few questions about mixed mutation of words beginning with G

harry hawkey bendyfrog at live.com
Tue Aug 25 21:02:48 BST 2015

Nicholas Williams                                                                                                       wrote :

These two examples do not show any mutation:
Ny seff henna yth galloys 'That isn't in your power' BM 2387Na nahaf, a bur woky! awos own a’th galarow 'I won't deny, you very fool, for fear of your pain' BK 577-78.
I can't find any examples of yth ha- or a'th ha-.

No, that's pretty much what I found.  I guess my next question would then be, what is the origin of this rule?  If there is no good reason for it, surely we should stop using it?

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