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Philip Newton philip.newton at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 20:32:40 BST 2015

On 29 August 2015 at 13:57, Paul Lambeth <619191 at soas.ac.uk> wrote:
> I'm seeking translations for these song titles from
> Aphex Twin's Drukqs album (electronica, 2001) that I'm led to believe are
> approximations of a very old Cornish orthography using some numbers for
> letters. Although the orthographical question is interesting I'm mostly
> interested in opinions as to what some of them may mean.

I'll post translations to the ones I think I understand.

> The translations I'm requesting are also fairly supplemental to my research,
> not main parts, I just want some verification/clarification to the only
> existing translations I can find online:
> http://forum.watmm.com/topic/28561-drukqs-translations/

Some of those seem a bit far-fetched to me, especially the summary
dismissal of various numbers as "old spelling".

(I have seen yoghs, which look a bit like 3's, used for "dh", but I
don't think that saying every 3 is an old-spelling "dh" makes sense.)

> Here are the titles - some are likely not Cornish at all, and please don't
> feel that you have to dig into each one:
> Jynweythek

"mechanical" (SWF spelling: jynnweythek -
http://www.cornishdictionary.org.uk/cornish/jynnweythek )

> Omgyjya-Switch7

"omgyjya" would be "to fuck oneself", from om- (which forms reflexive
verbs, "to ... oneself") and "kyjya":

> Gwely Mernans

"the bed of death; the deathbed" (SWF-M gweli mernans, SWF-T gwely
mernans - http://www.cornishdictionary.org.uk/cornish/gweli +
http://www.cornishdictionary.org.uk/cornish/mernans )

> Gwarek2

arc, arch, bow: http://www.cornishdictionary.org.uk/cornish/gwarek

> Hy A Scullyas Lyf A Dhagrow

"She shed a flood of tears" or "She cried her eyes out" (SWF-M hi a
skollyas liv a dhagrow, SWF-T hi a scollyas liv a dhagrow -- for the
last word, which seems to have eluded the poster in the forum, see
http://www.cornishdictionary.org.uk/cornish/dager - "dhagrow" is the
lenited plural form; and for the idiom, see the example phrase at the
end of http://www.cornishdictionary.org.uk/cornish/skollya .)

> Ruglen Holon

"ruglen" may mean "rattle": http://www.cornishdictionary.org.uk/cornish/ruglen

Though for "holon", I would reach not for "salt" (SWF: holan -
http://www.cornishdictionary.org.uk/cornish/holan ) but for "heart"
(SWF-M kolon, SWF-T colon -
http://www.cornishdictionary.org.uk/cornish/kolon ) which becomes
"holon" when aspirated, e.g. in "ow holon" (my heart) which the person
may have been thinking of when reaching for the word.

(After a feminine noun such as "ruglen", I would expect lenition or
second mutation, though, rather than aspiration or third mutation.)

Philip Newton <philip.newton at gmail.com>

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