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Ha Eddie
I find it useful to write a grave accent over the o to show that although
SWF has ponya we used to write punnia in RLC - and that is the
pronunciation I adhere to

On Tue, Dec 15, 2015 at 10:47 PM, Eddie Climo <eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk>

> Looking through the diacritics on my iOS pop-up keyboard, you might like
> to indulge yourself with põnya, pønya, pōnya, pônya, etc. For myself, I
> shall continue to use Unified Cornish <ponya>, as offered by Nance, or, if
> I were feeling like a smidgin of LC, with the Lhuydian <punnia> that he
> offers in his unsurpasse 1938 dictionary.
> Either is, afaik, historically attested, and arguments about the precise
> alleged value of the first vowel may be safely left to the pedantic
> 'anoraks' who would sooner pontificate (in English!) about the 'right' way
> to pronounce the word instead of actually SPEAKING our language.
> Indeed, some of those who are most prone to 'ex cathedra' pronouncements
> of this ilk are notable for not speaking (or writing) in Kernewek.
> Eddie Climo
> > On 2015 Kev 15, at 21:22, A. J. Trim <ajtrim at msn.com> wrote:
> >
> > I would like to use the spelling pœnya but this is not authentic.
> >
> > You could go for pönya instead.
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