[Spellyans] No word for 'bridge' in the SWF?

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Sorry for that: for some reason my email program stripped the indenting from my last post. Here it is again, with the formatting, hopefully, back in again:

> On 2015 Whe 18, at 09:25, Eddie Climo <eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> On 2015 Whe 18, at 08:51, Ray Chubb <ray at spyrys.org> wrote:
>> Gwask an Orlewen have published a children's story book, 'Whedhlow Dama Wyn', in SWF (t).
> Not quite right: it was actually 'Whedhlow Dama Goodh,' and was the first book in our 'Kevres Redya.' and it was intended to offer each volume in the series in a choice of either Unified Cornish or SWF/T.
>> I understand that it was the intention of Gwask an Orlewen to publish more in the SWF but it has not done so due to a lack of demand for its first effort.
> There's a bit more to it than that. G an O started publishing in SWF/T as a result of assurances we were given at a General Meeting of Agan Tavas just after the meeting at Tremough. We were told by a representative of the CLP (name redacted to spare his/her blushes) that the Kemmynized SWF/'Main' would be the only form used for the very first stage of the Language Ladder; but thereafter, SWF/T―but, thereafter, that literature in all other forms of both Revived and Historical Cornish―would be acceptable within secondary education. This implied that there might well be demand by schools for material in SWF/T, and that market is precisely why we launched 'Kevres Redya' in the two orthographies.
> Those assurances, however, were not honoured. What actually emerged was that only SWF/'Main' would be allowed in schools until GCSE level, but thereafter other forms would be permitted. That means that only 'A' Level students would see these other forms of Cornish in school―but, of course, there isn't even a GCSE in Cornish, let alone an A Level.
> In actuality, it seems aftrer all these years, and so much expenditure of public money by MAGA/CLP, that there is actually precious little Cornish of any kind being taught in schools today.
> So that's why there's little or no demand' for SWF/T : virtually no-one is being taught it. And that's why G an O has not followed through with further books in SWF/T.

Eddie Climo
Gwask an Orlewen
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