[Spellyans] No word for 'bridge' in the SWF?

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> Ooops, think I sent this to the wrong address the first time.  Anyway…

No, you’re a new member and you were moderated. You’re not any more.

> Anyone else noticed that both the online and .pdf versions of the SWF have no word for bridge?  I thought this word was pretty well attested in Cornish….

I didn’t because I don’t use that dictionary.

> On a related topic, is it true that the .pdf version of the dictionary is *never* going to be updated?  It is riddled with errors and omissions!  Some of the Cornish section of the dictionary even has words translated into German rather than English!  The other day I resorted to getting my robot to download the entirety of the online dictionary's website, just so I could make my own pdf and see if anything has improved(it has not, but at least you get the IPA notation, which unfortunately appears to have been produced by another robot using the SWF as input and the RMC and RLC pronunciation rules to produce the IPA output, instead of an actual human being).

The description of the phonology given in SWF materials persists, unfortunately, in perpetuating myths about KK pronunciations which no one uses. It also makes mistakes in specifying the actual targets for UC/UCR and LC pronunciation, in part because it relies on descriptions by Nance which were taken to be normative.

The phonology as given in Desky Kernowek and in Skeul an Tavas is based on what MC/TC/LC speakers actually use (of course the target for the vowels is usually purer than what most speakers perform (they often use English-language diphthongs). 

> Still, I suppose nothing ever gets written in the SWF anyway, except the magakernow website.

That is certainly true. 

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