[Spellyans] Gwask an Orlewen: lyver noweth, Genver 2015

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Tue Jan 6 15:53:34 GMT 2015

A gowetha whek,

Gwask an Orlewen yu lowen deryvas bos agan kensa lyver yn 2015 dyllys hedhyu:

• Jooan Chei an Horr / Jowan Chy an Horth: a source book. ed. E.F. Climo

	(148ff., 9” x 6”, aden vedhel, prys shoppa comendys £8.45)
Del yu usyes, an lyver yma dhe brena adhyworth Spyrys a Gernow, po war agan gwyasva:

	(148pp., 9” x 6”, paperback, RRP £8.45)
As usual, the book may be bought either from Spyrys a Gernow, or on our website:

	• www.agantavas.com/dafar.html
	• shoppa at spyrys.orghttp://www.lulu.com/shop/ed-e-f-climo/54-jooan-chei-an-horrjowan-chy-an-horth-a-sourcebook/paperback/product-21984552.html <http://www.lulu.com/shop/ed-e-f-climo/54-jooan-chei-an-horrjowan-chy-an-horth-a-sourcebook/paperback/product-21984552.html>

An whethel gweryn clasek, 'Jowan Chy an Horth,' re be moyha kerys y'n yeth Kernewek nans yu an 1600ow, kefrys awos an whethel y honen, hag awos pyth a yl ef dysky dhyn a greft an racker yn Kernow. Y'n lyver-ma yma versyons an drolla yn Kernewek Dewedhes ha K. Cres settyes adal dh'y gyla. Ef a brof magata dewys efan a versyons an whethel adhya lyes bro hes ha hes an nor, ha war dhelergh dres moy es 2,500 bledhen, yn Kernewek ha Sawsnek ha nebes ken yethow.

This classic Cornish folk tale, ‘John of Chyanor,’ has been a favourite in the Cornish language from the 1600s, both for the tale itself and for what it can teach us about the story-teller’s art in Cornwall. The present book has Late and Middle Cornish versions of the tale in parallel, to make it equally accessible to students of either form. It also offers a wide selection of versions of the tale from many countries around the world, and back over more than 2,500 years, in Cornish, English and several other languages.

Oll an gwella, sos!

Eddie Climo
Gwask an Orlewen
	Kernewek Squyr—nyns us nahen!
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