[Spellyans] Cornish Language Funding Cut

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Meur ras rag hemma, Craig.


I wish you well with this, Craig - but I fear that it is likely to cut no
ice / butter few parsnips with the Tory mentality.  All they think about is
money.  Stonehenge, Tintagel, etc., bring in entrance fees and boost our
tourist industry.   I have found that the only things that work on the
language front are commercial and economic arguments.  (I had some success
on Census committees with language questions with such strategies.)


The Cornish language scene as it appears from this distance has become one
without recognisable leadership or any form of concerted strategy.  It seems
that without HM Government support (an international treaty obligation under
the ECRML) it is back to ad hoc voluntary efforts.


Celtic causes never got anywhere without a fight.    Aberth yn bresel - an
ken Ken


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You might all like to see the statement (attached) that I've put out , and
which has been published in the local Press.  It does call for a Cornish
Language Act.


Ray has a great point about Nicholas's dictionary, which remains far and
away the most comprehensive available.  My copy sits not two feet away from
me and is well-thumbed!  Pity it was never reversed.


Public Enemy No 1 appears to be Sheryll Murray MP for South East Cornwall,
who personally lobbied the Minister to cancel funding for Cornish, and it's
not the first time that she's attacked Cornish culture.





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