[Spellyans] Desky Kernowek 'gwil' -> 'ow qwil'

Harry Hawkey bendyfrog at live.com
Sat Aug 20 15:09:28 BST 2016

So I got a copy of Nicholas Williams' 'Desky Kernowek' not long ago, and 
I'm a bit puzzled about the use of 'ow qwil' ('doing, making'). I can 
certainly see that 'gul' gets replaced by 'gwil', 'gweel' and the like 
in later Cornish, but I haven't been able to find a single spelling in 
the traditional texts that would suggest 'ow qwil'. There are however 
quite a few instances of 'ow kil' in various spellings, and several 'ow 

Is there some attestations you can point me toward, or is there some 
special rule about how to pronounce this word in the KS orthography?

Apologies if this has been discussed before.

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