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Exactly. In none of the instances cited by you does dhe mean “at” with reference to a place.
If “at” means “near” rathr than actually in a place, then ryb is used:

yma purguir meryasek devethys oma then pov ryb pontelyne eredy BM 1945-47

Omma me re fundyas plas ryb maria a cambron BM 990-91

In kernov me ambeth chy ryb maria a cambron BM 4293-94.

Where does dhe = “at” come from?


> On 10 Aug 2016, at 15:38, Jon Mills <j.mills at email.com> wrote:
> When denoting place, dhe is translated 'to', i.e. expressing motion directed towards.
> "as dreus the iersulam" [Origo Mundi: 1933] 'Let them bring them to Jerusalem'
> "the venitens mannaf moys" [Ton 1504: 2863] 'I will go to Vannes'
> "Na rug Du dynvyn y chyff apostill pedyr the rome" [Tregear Homilies: 46a] 'Did not God send his chief apostle Peter to Rome?'
> "Pes myllder eus alemma de Londres?" [Boorde] 'How many miles is it to London?'
> "Leben pove Jesus gennez en Bethalem a Judeah en dethyow Herod an matern a reeg doaze teeze veer thor an Est tha Jerusalem" [Kereve: Mathhew 2.1] 'Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem'
> "Mee rese mos tha Loundres mes a thor[n]ow" [Bilbao MS.] 'I must go to London unexpectedly'
> "τheτh huẏr, and τheτh hor" [Lhuyd 1707: 232a] 'To thy Sister'
> Dhe can be translated 'at' with certain time expressions.
> "the pen try deyth" [Passio Domini: 1756] 'at the end of three days'
> Dhe can be translated 'at' with certain other colligations.
> "Pẏ ᵹotha dhẏz bɐz dhyz levar" [Lhuyd 1707: 250b] 'When you ought to be at your Book.'
> Dhe also frequently precedes the verbal noun where English uses the verbal partical 'to', as in "the dysputye worth ihesu" [Passio Domini: 1650] 'to argue with Jesus'.

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