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Thank you Dan. For that example. I am not familiar with that text.
Can you send me an electronic version?

We’ve discussed the origin of gweel before. 
> On 22 Aug 2016, at 16:24, Daniel Prohaska <Daniel at ryan-prohaska.com> wrote:
> William Gwavas has an example of ‹keel› in: 
> ‹kenefra gear dew ew peer eve ew / 
> toor tha ry ma es a trestya etta buz / 
> chee not tha e geriou lese tha / 
> jeckya ha chee tha voz keuez gooack / 
> na ra che frenna tha honnen rag an / 
> teez ez keel droage na na raz boaz / 
> zerroz worbedn an teball rag na ueth / 
> an teball teez podeerez buz go cantell / 
> ueth gorez tha varrow›
> Lhuyd has ‹kîl› exclusively when provection is shown orthographically. 
> I believe */kiːl/ to be authentic. 

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