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There is an argument that byghan should never have been used in revived Cornish. 
The form byghan is attested in place-names but is entirely unknown in the traditional Cornish texts.
There are two examples of beghan in Pascon agan Arluth. 
Byhan occurs a few times in the Ordinalia.
By far the commonest forms are byen and byan which are attested in the Ordinalia and BM.
Tregear, the Creation of the World and NBoson use bean.
Lhuyd wrote bîan and this was adopted by Jenner.
KS writes bian, where the <ia> shows that i is part of a diphthong.
Byan would mean [bjæn].

I don’t use the SWF in either of its forms, because it seems to me to be both
inauthentic and phonologically incorrect.
To say nothing of its inherent ambiguity. 


> On 1 Feb 2016, at 11:43, Craig Weatherhill <craig at agantavas.org> wrote:
> What can be made of the variants byghan - bian?  Why have -y- in one, and -i- in the other?  They're both pronounced the same and, in fact, should (by their own rules) be:  bighan - bian.
> I thought SWF was to be designed to make learning Cornish easier.  That's hardly achieved by this sort of inconsistency.
> Note that medial -gh- was sneaked back into SWF by the Review.  I suspect this was at KK insistence, considering that UC users are allowed next to no say in the matter.
> A chap from "up the line" has bought the late Hugh Miners's old house at Carnyorth, which is called Chy Byghan (old UC).  I've told him how it's pronounced, but the man insists on calling it Chy Biggun!

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