[Spellyans] Excel SWF-KK-Traditional Corpus-WIP

Harry 'Double-H' Hawkey bendyfrog at live.com
Tue Feb 2 15:12:31 GMT 2016

Thank you very much Andrew, very helpful.  It surprises me that there aren't very many errors to be honest, because it uses a very naive algorithm (not literally search n' replace, but not that far off).

Koca Kola is probably an issue with case sensitivity, which I did not bother to check for.

Kabmbrodn was a 'hilarious' joke that I put in to see if anyone was paying attention.  Well spotted!

I'm not sure there is much point in 'traditional' forms that are not traditional.  Anyway, at least it will have the genuinely traditional forms alongside them...

Thanks again.

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    I have had a good look through this list. I cannot see any major

    You have lakca but Traditional Cornish favoured lacka.

    Are Ucrayn and vodca any more traditional than Ukrayn and vodka?

    Is there any point in using "Traditional Graphs" when they don't
    match Traditional Cornish, or unlikely to have occurred in
    Traditional Cornish?

    You have lycclod, flyccra, pyccla, racca, tobacco, tyccly but I do
    not remember the SWF allowing cc.

    Koca-Kola is not logical. Is this a trademark? An Internet search
    shows some puppies!

    Kabmbrodn appears to be a Late form. Should it be included?

    Upper-case K is not being converted to C.





    Andrew J. Trim 





    On 31/01/16 19:07, Harry 'Double-H'
      Hawkey wrote:

      Anyone care to take a look at my initial attempt at
        a SWF k/hw to SWF c/wh conversion?  See if you can spot any
        glaring errors...


        By the way, it converted 'distruksyon' to 'distruxyon' - is that
        supposed to be correct? Because it certainly doesn't look right
        to me...what exactly is the rule for ks-->x?  I notice the
        trad glossary gives the other form, 'distruyans'.



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