[Spellyans] Excel SWF-KK-Traditional Corpus-WIP

Harry 'Double-H' Hawkey bendyfrog at live.com
Wed Feb 3 15:02:23 GMT 2016

How about this...(open document spreadsheet format, from the online SWF dictionary, hundreds of errors corrected [might be some left, might be a few new ones], traditional forms column, pronunciation M + L)...

I think I fixed all the problems that Andrew pointed out converting main-->traditional.  Except, I'm not sure how to handle cases of [ks] > [x] where the stress falls between the 'k' and the 's' e.g. boksusi  (bɔk'sʏzi according to SWF pronunciation).  At the moment they are left as 'ks'.  Are these supposed to be changed to 'x' as well?

If you can't open the .ods, I also uploaded a tab-delimited utf-8 text document, which should be importable by any spreadsheet program, since some people (Apple users?) had trouble opening the last one.

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