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Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Tue Feb 23 14:43:28 GMT 2016

Nance and others translate this one as house, or manor presumably, on  
the ferry crossing. What is your view, Craig, on that proposal?

On 23 Whe 2016, at 00:44, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> In the case of Tywardreath, that, too, stood by an estuary that ran  
> from Par Beach northwards to Ponts Mill, and its banks would have  
> been extensively sandy.  It would have been difficult to cite a  
> specific beach with such long expanses of sand on either side.  A  
> specific small beach might have warranted a definite article, but a  
> large expanse of beach would not, hence Portreath and Vellandreath  
> (Sennen), both considerable beaches, but no def. art. in the names.

Ray Chubb


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