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Greek letter names are widely used in English, e.g. pi in geometry and alpha male, beta version, gamma rays, etc. We also talk about rhotic and non-rhotic dialects of English, where rhotic is from rho, the Gree r.
The X in Xmas is from XP the chi rho initial of the title Khristos Christ. We need to be able to use them in Cornish if we are to have a full vocabulary. 


> On 2 Jan 2016, at 14:37, Michael Everson <everson at evertype.com> wrote:
> Here is a draft of Greek letter-names. A question: I have written ksî pî fî ghî psî here  with the assumption that in all dialects the pronunciation is [iː]. We could write ksy py fy ghy psy if there were an alternation [iː]~[ǝɪ] (as in chy ‘house’). But I don’t suppose there is. 
> Αα	alfa
> Ββ	bêta
> Γγ	gama
> Δδ	delta
> Εε	e·psylon
> Ϝϝ	dygama
> Ϛϛ	stygma
> Ζζ	zêta
> Ηη	êta
> Θθ	thêta
> Ιι	yôta; jet
> Κκ	cappa
> Λλ	lambda
> Μμ	mu
> Νν	nu
> Ξξ	ksî
> Οο	o·mycron
> Ππ	pî
> Ϙϙ; Ϟϟ	coppa coth; coppa
> Ρρ	rô
> Σσς	sygma
> Ττ	taw
> Υυ	u·psylon
> Φφ	fî
> Χχ	ghî
> Ψψ	psî
> Ωω	ô·mêga
> Ϡϡ	sampî
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