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Why sacrifisa? If this is verb, it should be sacrifia (KS sacryfia):

eugh sacryfyeugh in scon OM 438
guren vn alter tek ha da may hyllyn sacryfye OM 1170-71
gul alter sur da vye ha thotho agan lothnow warnethy sacryfye OM 1174-76
may hyllyn del goth dybry ha the'n tas sacrefie PC 625-26.

The use of -y in names of countries is based on iudy in RD and Lyby, Itury in BK.
-ya, -ea in such case seems equally authentic:

cappadocia, asia, ha bithinia TH 47
Ha e Fauge geeth der ol Syrya Kerew
en Bethalem a Judeah Kerew

The list includes carpenter, but in view of masons ha karpentorryon OM 2410; the ol an Karpentoryon OM 2422 carpentor, carpentoryon should be allowed.

The list includes specyly, but ha specyly ree ov tena BM 1509 implies that the word is a disyllable. We write spessly.


> On 31 Jan 2016, at 19:07, Harry 'Double-H' Hawkey <bendyfrog at live.com> wrote:
> Anyone care to take a look at my initial attempt at a SWF k/hw to SWF c/wh conversion?  See if you can spot any glaring errors...
> By the way, it converted 'distruksyon' to 'distruxyon' - is that supposed to be correct? Because it certainly doesn't look right to me...what exactly is the rule for ks-->x?  I notice the trad glossary gives the other form, 'distruyans'.

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