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Craig Weatherhill craig at agantavas.org
Thu Aug 10 12:11:23 BST 2017

New book from me, probably to be published in September.

210pp, A5 format

Penwith Press in association with the Penwith Landscape Partnership

This book will update, revise and expand upon P.A.S. Pool's "The Place-Names of West Penwith" which is now 32 years old.
It will be the first to feature all known historic spellings of each name, gives 6-figure grid references for each name, and suggests reconstructed forms for modern use.
The book is divided into lists for each Civil Parish, and represents the result of 40 years of research.  Many names that do not feature on any current map are included.

The orthography used is SWF traditional graph.  However, final -i has been retained for a variety of reasons.
A choice between <Bre Tiny> and <Bre Tini> (Bartinney Hill) explains one of them.
In all of these place-names, the only differences between Trad. Graph and "Main Form" are K/C and Hw/Wh, so that adaptation 
to a preferred orthography is a simple task.

A comprehensive glossary of elements found in the place-names and field-names of the district appends the book.
However, the book does not feature field-names, due to the sheer number of them, except where relevant to a given place-name.
Pool's "The Field-Names of West Penwith" remains the standard work on those.

This book will be followed, perhaps next Spring, by "The Promontory People", a new look at the early history of the Cornish people from the initial post-Glacial
settlement to c.1100AD.  To be published by Francis Boutle and Son, London.

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