[Spellyans] A word for a bet

Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Sun Feb 12 10:23:04 GMT 2017

In a recent family discussion the Cornish word for 'a bet' was  
required. I couldn't remember the word so I put forward on the spur of  
the moment, 'wājer'.

On looking at dictionaries I find that the word 'gwystel' is not  
really very satisfactory with more of the meaning a pledge and  
'kessensyans' is not much better. We have in Cornish the word 'wāja'  
at P.C. 1187 to mean a wage. Bearing in mind the origin of the word  
'wage', I see nothing wrong with extending 'waja' to 'wajer' meaning  
'a bet'.

Ray Chubb


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