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Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 11:37:51 GMT 2017

I noticed that entry in Johnson’s dictionary.
If, as seems likely, Wardbridge is an alternative name for Wadebridge, and Ponz warda is 
the attested Cornish name from 1701-07, perhaps Ponswarda might be useful as the
modern Cornish name.


> On 7 Feb 2017, at 10:56, jeneferlowe at gmail.com wrote:
> Marked in Johnson’s dictionary’ list of markets as Wardbridge, Cornwall and noted for a Saturday market, so possibly an alternative to Wadebridge. I somehow doubt whether a smaller place would have had a market large enough to make this list – Stratton and West Looe are also there – haven’t looked for more.

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