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This looks to be a clincher.

Well done!  - an ken Ken


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Hey, well spotted! I wonder what other secrets are still to be found in
Lhuyd's notebook. Someone should really transcribe those scribblings some

Oh, and look what I found in 'The General Gazetteer or Compendious
Geographical Dictionary, 1801' by Richard Brookes...(  pg 719,
https://archive.org/details/generalgazettee01broogoog  )

"Warbridge, or Wardbridge, a town in Cornwall, with a market on Saturday. It
has a bridge over the river 
Camel, which is the handsomest in the county, and supported by 20 arches. It
is 13 miles SW of
Camelford, and 241 W by S of London. Lon. 5 9 W, lat.  50 36 N. "

Not too sure about the lat/long, but '13 miles SW of Camelford' has got to
be Wadebridge!

On 06/02/17 16:44, Nicholas Williams wrote:

Edward Lhuyd's manuscript of Cornish is available 

online at the website of the National Library of Wales.

On page 117 (the library's page 121) Lhuyd gives

Ponz warda angl. Wardbridge (see the screenshot below).

Where is this? Or is Wardbridge another name for Wadebridge?





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