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The official name for Redruth is Resrudh, which is phonetically unlikely.
In Cornish the consonant cluster -dr- was never assibilated.
This can be seen in godros, pedry, edrek, ladra, etc.
It can also be seen in the name for Modred in BK. 
This is written variously Moddras, Modres, Modreth (with th for s).
Never is the internal cluster assibilated although the last segment shows d > s.
In the Old Cornish period a lenis -d- was assibilated to -d-, e.g. bochodoc >bohosek.
Immediately before r however a lenis d was strengthened to a fortis and thus did
not assibilate. 
Redruth in OC would have remained Redruth in Middle Cornish.
Resrudh is, I believe, incorrect.

I have attempted to explain the question of the assibilation of -d-, -nt- and -lt- in my
recent book The Cornish Consonantal System:
https://www.amazon.com/Cornish-Consonantal-System-Implications-Revival/dp/1782011854 <https://www.amazon.com/Cornish-Consonantal-System-Implications-Revival/dp/1782011854>

I think Ponswarda could be used as a variant.
Resrudh should not be used at all.



> On 10 Feb 2017, at 14:29, Harry Hawkey <bendyfrog at live.com> wrote:
> How long do you think it will take them to replace the official form of 
> 'Ponswad' with this new word? A couple of days at the most, right?

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