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A. J. Trim ajtrim at msn.com
Fri Feb 10 17:28:17 GMT 2017

These spellings came form somewhere.

Why no records of them now? If it were an important market town, it 
should have generated lots of records.


This supports Ponswad, Ponswod, Ponsward.


Andrew J. Trim

On 10/02/17 15:25, Craig Weatherhill wrote:
> I don't believe it will ever happen, Harry.  <waed>, attested internally to Cornwall for seven centuries, has a completely different meaning to <ward> which is attested only by a mere handful of external sources over a very short period of time.  <Ponswad> remains safe.
> Craig
> On 2017 Whe 10, at 14:29, Harry Hawkey wrote:
>> How long do you think it will take them to replace the official form of
>> 'Ponswad' with this new word? A couple of days at the most, right?
>> :-\
>> On 10/02/17 10:34, Nicholas Williams wrote:
>>> Wardbridge and Ponzwarda are clearly not mistakes.
>>> Presumably the local people didn’t understand the element Wade and
>>> replaced
>>> it with the more familiar shape Ward.
>>> It is likely also that the substitution of Ward for Wade
>>> occurred early, i.e. before the Great Vowel Shift of the late medieval
>>> period.
>>> Wa:d to Ward was hardly likely after Wa:d had become Weid,
>>> assuming that the change occurred in English rather than Cornish.
>>> Lhuyd’s other place-names in the MS seem accurate, e.g.
>>> Byzvena ~ Bodmin
>>> Lys Stephan ~ Lanston
>>> Marha Dzhow ~ Market Jew
>>> Por îa ~ St Ives
>>> Por Enis ~ Mowsol.
>>> When citing contemporary Cornish words in the MS Lhuyd glosses them in
>>> Welsh, but his Welsh is in his own idiosyncratic orthography which makes
>>> looking them up in Welsh dictionaries rather difficult sometimes.
>>> Nicholas
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